Region - The Ozog Alps

A mountain chain bathed in snow reaching to the heavens


Ozog Alps – Southern Lagia


The Ozog Alps line the entire southern border of Lagia. They range in size in shape, though they are predominately sheer and steep in grade. The lowest peak is over 30,000 feet high and the highest peak, Deruntes (Day – Rune – Tays), soars into the sky at a height of nearly 43,000 feet. As such, most of the mountain range is perpetually covered in ice. Deruntes has a permanent cloud cover, even on the clearest day, which eternally hides the summit and the upper 4,000 feet of the mammoth.

There have been rumors of people making it across the Alps, but no specific person or thing (coming or going) is common knowledge and no path is known.

The Ozog Alps are packed with coal deposits and there are a great many significant mining operations along the range providing a steady supply to the cities, especially Zog. The mountains are a treacherous place, not only for the terrain and rock slides that are common, but for the beasts and abhuman tribes that make their home here. There is money in coal and so there are no shortage of workers, both for mining and defending the outposts and operations.

The biggest mining operation lies half way between Carboon and Zog. The Sigmar Corp. runs 80% of the mining industry in the Ozog Mountains and has 100% of the railway system under their control and protection. Currently the railway system runs from the Ozog’s, just south of Deruntes, all the way to the river Tellews. It also heads east to the river kingdom and walled capital city of Triton. They are currently under construction at the river’s edge, trying to figure out a way to bridge the two mile wide fast flowing river. There has been a royal edict from Zog not to encroach the rail lines into the river delta surrounding Zog, so the next large rail line push, after the northern line is complete, will be west towards Carboon and the Filo Forest beyond.

There is a race of reptilian humanoids that inhabit pockets on this side of the Alps. The Pitchriki (Riki) are about three and a half to four feet tall on average, are very agile and are very strong for their size. They can see perfectly in the dark and have eye sight twice as keen as standard humans. They are naturally stealthy and gifted climbers and jumpers. They also have their own language, which is made up solely of hand and body sign language. They are fiercely territorial. They live in small hard to access caves and an amazing number of the Riki can appear out a seemingly tiny space. They reproduce at an incredible rate, and can live a very long time. The upper bounds of their age has not be recorded, as the creatures are their own worst enemy when it comes to survival. There is a ruthless survival of the fittest mantra within the Riki and blood duels are common, for prestige, slights, position and any pretty much any other grievance. War between tribes for territory is common.

The females of the species are treated with veneration within the tribe, holding a place of honor for their work rearing the young and also their latent psionic abilities (though, these powers are most often minor in effect). The main reason for their veneration is the incredibly low birth rate of females. To add to this, the ultimate status of a male Riki is having female slaves from other tribes. Only females born within a given tribe will bear hatchlings for that tribe. There is a bond created with each female to its genetic line and they never cross over. Occasionally females will splinter off with a select group of males to start a new tribe, but it is rare. To this end, war and raids between tribes are quite constant and keep the population in check.

The biggest Riki warren is woven into the rock around the first 10,000 feet of Deruntes. Stretched over miles of the rock are pockets and individual tribes all loyal to their King. The 7 foot tall Riki, Garglemesh, rules with an iron fist, but rarely leaves the comforts of his cave kingdom. He is both powerful and cunning and rumors persist that he is orchestrating a technological renaissance within his boarders from the stolen technology of man.


Region - The Ozog Alps

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