Region - The River Kingdoms

Lush and full of low rolling hills, a land filled with green and and plenty


The River Kingdoms

Though Zog is the central point of the River Nations, it is far from the only major settlement in the area. The fertile lands brought on by favorable weather and plentiful fresh water have made it a mecca for civilization. Husbandry comes easily in the river lands and the pursuits of the kingdoms are free to focus on culture, advancement and technology instead of just survival. There are three main kingdoms that comprise the river kingdoms, all of which owe fealty to Zog. From east to west the capital cities and their fiefdoms are:

• Jorusk, the Shepard state, known for its great herds of domesticated animals, which provides meat to much of the named lands of Lagia. If it weren’t for Drodum, many more Riki would feast on the herd animals of Jorusk. As it is, Jorusk maintains a strong military presence, largely in the form of lightning fast scouting parties, specifically trained to intercept raiders.

• Drodum, the Warrior capital, known for its military, which is constantly engaged with the Riki, whom are unusually aggressive and coordinated in the mountains just south and east of the city. Often Riki raiding parties come into the river lands under Drodum’s protection.

• Triton, the industrial city, known for its early adoption of the rail system. Because of this it is the fastest growing capital city in the river lands (though it is currently the smallest). It is one of the three primary trade hubs in Lagia and with its easy access to coal has plentiful energy to fuel the fires of industry. What Triton lacks in formal military is makes up for with merchants and mercenaries.

Zog takes a percentage of goods from the three kingdoms as taxes; in return they are more or less left to their own devices. So long as Zog gets its tribute (and there are collectors to make sure it is the fair share), the kingdoms can run autonomously. Triton, over 100 years ago, rebelled against these taxes and mounted an assault against Zog to assert its independence. The entire city, which was by far the largest and most heavily fortified at the time, was razed in a day. The devastating weapons used against the city haven’t been seen since, but the message lingers. Since then the city has been rebuilt by powerful merchant families and is ruled by what is known as the Gresgo Conclave, a group of elite (and very rich) “elected” merchants that execute the “will” of the people in Triton.

The largest town in the river kingdoms is Risteys. It sits at the crossroads of the northern lands and is the largest trade hub in Lagia. More goods to go to Zog, but goods from more parts of the known world filter through Risteys first. Risteys is a sprawling town, with a bigger footprint than any other settlement, even Zog, though it is much more spread out and doesn’t sport the largest live in population by half. All manner of trade happens here, and it is also has many adventurer and explorer guilds. Risteys is where adventure begins and where it ends, it is the great meeting place. It’s also a great place to grab a pint and has some of, if not the best, food in all of Lagia. The town is very tolerant in general, and if you want to find other sentient species co-mingling, Risteys is the place.


Region - The River Kingdoms

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