City - The City-State of Zog

A futuristic city grown out of a shell of the past



Zog lies in the center of the delta that is fed by all the southern mountains and the great northern river of Tellews. It is a mammoth of construction from a long past age. At its base it is a perfect square, nearly 2 miles long on each side. It tapers slowly towards it zenith, standing over 9 miles high at its peak.

The surface is completely reflective, as if made of massive pieces of mirror. To any known technology of the 9th world it is completely indestructible. It does not waver in weather despite its great height, nor seem to dull, erode or otherwise decay from exposure to the elements. The single blemish to the monolith is an opening on its west-facing side. A massive hole (100 ft x 100 ft roughly) was blown out of its surface, which has allowed the 9th world access. Inside is an incredibly large space with all the trappings of a city. Each floor is about 100 feet high; though very few have been explored. The working parts of the city are on the first 12 floors, and not much beyond that is common knowledge. Floor 13 is dedicated to the upper echelons of nobility and few gain access to that floor or higher without this status.

There are great lights on the ceilings that fill the floors with light during the day; it always works, though no one knows why. The first five floors are filled with trade and commerce. Most that come to the city for business handle all their affairs in the first seven floors. There are inns, storage facilities and bars on the first, fourth and fifth level. Level two and three are dedicated to commercial use, especially trades that involve lots of caustic fumes. These floors are always darker than it should otherwise be and many of the city’s poor live among three different slums on the floors. Though there does seems to be some kind of natural filtration on every floor, the pollutants on these floors keep the air quality constantly poor. Floors six and nine are given entirely over towards food production and the lighting somehow provides an ideal situation for growing all manner of crops. Floor seven is a step up in opulence and much of the crystal trade from the outside happens here. The inns and social establishments are of a finer quality and most with coin to spare comes here to enjoy in the pleasures of the finer things. Floor eight has much of the same as seven though the scale tips again slightly upward.

Water is provided through some internal system to each of the floors through strategically placed fountains and is always pure, even on floors two and three. There is a massive spiral path in the south eastern corner that leads from the ground floor up to floors two and three. This is the only way to get to floors two and three. There is also a lift that goes through the center of the city. This platform is a 50 foot square that is connected to nothing and seems to have no weight limits. This lift is another marvel of Zog and functions by itself, moving up and down through the first eight floors on a 10 minute interval. It cycles from 8am to 8pm every day and always shuts down on the ground floor at 8pm. Normally this platform is open to the air of the floor, but the path is completely boxed in for the entire span of floors two and three.

Zog has floors dedicated to research and development and most of the technological discoveries come from or pass through the city-state. The population of Zog is nearing a quarter of a million people, with over 70% of that being in the bottom three levels. Despite the crowding, Zog is a desirable place to live, even in the slums.


City - The City-State of Zog

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