Bex Hth

Age 15- Quiet. Sheltered. Quick. Strong. Unnerving. Intelligent.




Bex was born in Zog to parents who worked in high security R&D labs on the 11th floor of the city. They lived in a modest cottage on the 10th floor and when she was very young, she made few visits to that mysterious 11th floor, cloaked in security. She remembers very little of what it was like there… images of her parents in work coats, flashing lights, and a thrum-huzz in the air: a sweet smell.

What she does remember is the moment everything changed.

On an ordinary day headed to an ordinary school on the 10th floor of the unusual city, Bex made her way to class. She dropped her books on her desk and made her way to the back of the room where, behind a partition was a coat closet. As she looked for a hook to hang her sweater there was a group of her friends huddled around Shane. Bex never liked her.

Shane sat behind Bex in class and was always bossy and pouting. She chewed on the end of her tin pen until it was dented, crooked, and sharp, and giggling she would stick it in Bex’s back… hard enough to leave bruises, and more than once Bex got in trouble for crying out sharply in the middle of reading hour because of it.

Bex wanted nothing more to ignore Shane and go back to her desk, but she was so curious… She could hear Shane squealing contentedly as the other kids hollered “I wanna see!” and “Lemme touch it!”

Bex stepped in closer as Shane bragged “My daddy gave it to me because he says I’m the prettiest girl in Zog!”

Bex couldn’t stop herself, she felt compelled to reach towards the beautiful shining green crystal.

She remembered hearing Shane yell “DON’T YOU TOUCH IT BEX!” as the room faded away.

Suddenly she found herself in a vast gray expanse. There was no school, no Shane, just the crystal hovering in the air. She stared at it compulsively and details began to fill in around her… First the craggy scenery, then… massive slavering horned beasts of all sizes barreling toward her! The trance with the crystal was suddenly broken and she let out a blood curdling scream. She started to running, still caught in the vision. In reality she was tripping over desks, throwing chairs and books out of her way in a mad, unseen struggle.

As she ran, she began to see that the beasts weren’t actually chasing her, and she slowed as they went past her towards the crystal where a man was materializing around the small green glow. As his hand materialized, it was filled by the crystal, still the only piece of color in the scene, still unmoving, but many times the size and growing. Around him the creatures clawed and hammered down on an invisible sphere of force that sparked a green glow… green and greener with each impact.

The next moment set into motion events that would wait to come to fruition for 1000 years. The man, intense in concentration did glance over to Bex… just the slightest of glances… and the showed the smallest hint of an upturned lip.

The sphere of force lit up completely, blindingly bright… it shuddered dark, and exploded.

Bex blacked out at this point and later heard in whispers that she was thrown near 15 feet into the nearest wall, where she lay crumpled in an unconscious heap.

It was two weeks before she woke up from that day, dazed, confused, scared, hungry, and marked.

She woke on the 2nd floor of Zog in the slums of Birock (Bee-rock). She had previously never been below the 9th floor. A woman she didn’t know cared for her and made it plain she was unwelcome, her presence was forced, and she was not safe. And she found the green crystal was fused into the palm of her hand. Long ropy green veins crawled from it up her arm, her shoulders, her neck, across her forehead touching both temples. The woman who cared for her knit her a pair of gloves and gave her a dirty warn cloak to hide her disfigurement.

Her mother saw her only once over the next four months: the second day Bex after had awakened after the incident. She mumbled things Bex couldn’t understand about what was happening on the upper floors and that they would be leaving Zog, to be careful, and remain hidden.

In this time visions would come and leave her screaming or worse, wandering the streets sometimes. Seven times they struggled to find new hiding places for her.

Her last vision was the most traumatic… and was also her last memory of Zog. When she awoke she was in the back of a cart, her father at her side, holding her hand.

Over the next year, the family made it’s way north, to settle in the town of Gnomen in the untamed lands of Bamff. While on the journey Bex realized, with the help of the crystal, she was able to partially control the most violent of the visions and detach herself enough from the images so that she could safely wait them out without being discovered.

Over the course of the next, almost ten years, Bex worked to learn all that she could about the connection between the crystal and her visions. She was able to use the crystal to amplify and focus her visions, allowing her to remember more and more of the details within them. As time progressed she needed the crystal less and less, but it always helped. She began to see potential occurrences before they happened, to know that a vision was near and avoid it, or try and figure out how to unlock it. Her parents enabled her to discover and explore her “gift” as they called it, and often allowed for her to spend afternoons alone in her room, either one of them supervising in order to make sure things wouldn’t get out of control… but her visions are more powerful and frequent when some exact detail of the past aligns with the present… and she found herself drawn out into the dangerous badlands of Bamff.

Throughout her time in Gnomen she would sneak out of the house whenever she could, with a only a dagger she stole from her father for protection, and wander out into the red wasteland. The first time she saw a Kesh she couldn’t believe her eyes. Certainly it was a vision? Could it be the same kind of beast she saw when she first touched that green crystal? She came to understand that it was one in the same… and certainly had many an encounter with them while seeking further enlightenment into the past through her crystal trances. They are intelligent and extremely powerful, but she is quick and has narrowly escaped with her life more than once.

She spends her time in Gnomen as an assistant in a small book shop, a simple job to keep under the radar yet in her pursuits. Her father works as a butcher’s assistant and her mother is a secretary. The family is in league with the most prominent Kaori crystal merchant in Gnomen, who helps keep their identities under the radar.

She has seen things she does not yet understand, and throughout this decade has developed an obsession with uncovering more of the past. She believes that there is some urgent reason why she is endowed with this power and hopes to discover it through studying and chronicling all of the histories of the past she uncovers.

Bex Hth

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